I'm Melvin Jordan based in Tampa , Florida. I've been a DJ since I was 13 doing small & large gigs until I received a break in radio in 2004, for a short while I hosted a show on a small community radio for a couple years, until it shut down in 2006.

I moved on into the digital world which opened up more opportunities. I love slow jam music and have been doing  my slow jam show "Heavy Storm" since. In the year 2009 "Heavy Storm" got serious with it spreading all over the internet on various digital and terrestrial stations.

The Heavy Storm consists of me interviewing artists seasoned, independant and unsigned artist as well as playing the best in slow jams and love songs for 3 full hours every Thursday 22.00-01.00 CET on MRS, music radio service on FM 90,5 MHz in Stockholm and Internet.